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Since 1985, Long Foundation Drilling Co. has been one of America’s leading deep foundation contractors. The team at Long Foundation Drilling Co. (LFDC) prides itself on its commitment to Performance, Safety, and Integrity in every job we do. Our goal, literally, is to provide a foundation upon which clients can build a successful project, and in doing so, provide a level of workmanship and professionalism that is second to none. Working in some of the toughest subsurface conditions in America, Long Foundation Drilling Co. stands prepared to provide clients with the right people and equipment to tackle the largest and most complex projects in the region.

Work Hard, Work Together, and Demand Excellence from yourself and those around you

-Tom “Kaz” Kaslikowski
-Director of Operations


Long Foundation Drilling Co.’s dedication to working safely is not limited to jobsites but is a commitment at every level of the company. A dedicated Safety Director is employed to ensure that Long Foundation Drilling Co. goes above and beyond OSHA safety standards, to develop safety policies and procedures, provide training, and ensure all site specific safety requirements are consistently met or exceeded.

Every employee at Long Foundation Drilling Co. is thoroughly trained in safety procedures, obligated to know and abide by the safety requirements for their job, and empowered to take any actions necessary to ensure a safe work environment for themselves and their team. For more information about our safety programs, please contact our Safety Director, Ed Davidson at EDavidson@LFDC.com

Projects & Experience

There isn’t a subsurface condition that Long Foundation Drilling Co. team hasn’t encountered, and they possess both the knowledge and experience to handle whatever the geology has to offer. Deep foundation work is both art and science, and the synthesis of the two is often what is required to meet the challenge of what lies unseen beneath the earth’s surface. Long Foundation Drilling Co. has constructed almost 100,000 caissons across 15+ states in the eastern USA. We not only provide our clients with real world insights on what to expect during the estimating and scheduling phase but also honest feedback on what it will take to do the job safely, efficiently, and economically.

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Long Foundation Drilling Co. clients can be confident they have chosen the company with the Experience, Tools, and Equipment to handle their job. With bases in TN, AL, & NC, our fleet of 20+ deep foundation drill rigs and acres of tooling provide the capability to tackle even the most difficult subsurface conditions. Uncertainty is inherent in subsurface conditions, but the skill and experience of the LFDC personnel behind the equipment assures every client that their job will be done RIGHT.

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About Us

Work Hard, Work Together, and demand Excellence from yourself and those around you.
-Long Foundation Drilling | Tom “Kaz” Kaslikowski | Director of Operations

It’s said that to do a good job, you need the right tools and equipment. To drill rock, you need experienced people wielding those tools, unafraid of hard work with an understanding of what they’re drilling. A simple formula that Long Foundation Drilling Co. has been perfecting in difficult subsurface conditions since 1985.

In 1985, Bob Long and Jim Parks bought the foundation drilling division from McDowell Construction and founded Long Foundation Drilling Co. With the help of many veteran employees, they started a family-oriented business that rewarded hard work and returned loyalty in kind.

Since that time, Long Foundation has continued to grow; adding offices, equipment and talented people to become the regions preeminent deep foundation contractor. We remain committed to the family-oriented values instilled by our founders, and we strive every day to improve our company and our work.

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